ARRRRR!!!! Contest time!!!

I, Jellyfish,  want to have a pirate ship building contest!!!! Who can build the Best ship?!  This event will be happening on the evening of the 29th, starting at about 6pm MST. It will be on the creative map so that players wont need to beg for more wood. Pirate skins are encouraged!!!

I will be awarding the winner with high level weapon enchantments on their weapon of choice. There will be a 1st place winner, and a Runner Up!

Please sign up in the General forums so I can figure out how much room we will need!


Hey all 1.7 is out. I’m hard at work moving ALOT of behind the scenes stuff around including a new host server. The forums are there, but kind of hidden until i fix it. still having some growing pains.  However the server IS up and ready for some people to start mining.

-Stay crafty


Edit: Finally fixed the forums!


According to the every helpful and equally sweet SolarFlare, 1.7 will be dropping on Friday! (Fingers crossed) However it is a map breaking update. Previous maps will not work because of all the new biomes and things changing, so Bukkit will probably take a week or so to work. In the meantime, we will be able to fiddle around on a fresh brand new map <3

According to our mighty leader, HypnoTherapist, “We will likely have a temp map until Bukkit is working, and it may take a while to get mods again. However, there’s lots to look forward to once we get Bukkit installed, including a survival map, an RP/towny map with Supernatural abilities and a creative map. PLUS we will have the modded server up soon.”

He goes on to reiterate what I mentioned earlier, how this update is a HUGE one code-wise, and a game changer. or those wanting to grab the snapshot to take a peek for yourselves, follow this link that outlines the update and bug fixes, at the bottom of the post is a link to the 1.7 jar!! This link right here!!!

Stay Crafty! AND GET PUMPED!